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I’m 33 years old, and I just learned how to properly make my bed. There, I said it. Now Suzy Homemaker I am not. But still, making a bed? It’s the most basic of chores out there. In my defense I should clarify that I just learned how to make my bed in a way that I actually love.

Let me back up to the beginning.

We moved into a new house this summer, and we were thrilled to get more space for our family to spread out. One of the the biggest selling points, and what made my husband agree to a ranch, was the master bedroom. We were smitten with the room’s vaulted ceilings, fireplace and not one but two large closets. It was glorious.

The extra space allowed us to upgrade from a Queen bed to a King. I’ve always had IKEA beds, but wanted to splurge a little. I visited a West Elm Outlet and they had my dream bed (the Alexa Reclaimed Wood Bed) in stock, in my size, and somehow it was even more stunning in person. It’s like it was just waiting for me to come take it home — and so I did.

Of course we needed fancy new sheets to match our new bed, so I read tons of reviews to see which were “the best.” I opted for Brooklinen, and bought the Twill Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Charcoal Stripe on Cream. It included a fitted sheet, top sheet, 4 pillowcases and a duvet cover. First of all, I should share that Brooklinen sheets are SO worth it. They hold true to their promise of being uber soft, comfy and make you want to stay in bed all day.

What I didn’t love? The duvet just barely extended past the sides of the bed. Honestly, it looked so silly that I measured both the duvet and the duvet cover to see if they sent me the wrong size. When they were the correct width, I chatted with Brooklinen customer service (who was wonderful), and we realized that it was our extra thick mattress that was causing the problem. I wasn’t willing to part with my perfectly firm Costco mattress, so it looked like I was stuck with a sloppily made (but ultra comfy) bed.

One day I was looking at all of these beautifully made beds on Pinterest, and it hit me. I was doing it all wrong. And once I realized it, it was so easy to correct. Now, maybe I’m the last to know, or maybe you struggle with it too. And if that’s the case, this is for you.

  1. Pull the top sheet to the headboard and tuck it into the sides of the bed frame, all the way around, so it’s completely taut.
  2. Fold your duvet or comforter down so it’s in a rectangular shape at the bottom of the bed.
  3. Prop your sleeping pillows against the headboard and add throw pillows liberally.

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