Style Diaries: Styling a Leopard Print Sweater

Leopard print is one of the biggest trends of Fall 2018, so I wanted to show you how to add one leopard print piece to your wardrobe and create more than 10 new outfits!

While I love the leopard print trend, it has taken me a few months to jump on the bandwagon. I try to maintain a mindful wardrobe, which means any new pieces I purchase need to work seamlessly with my existing wardrobe. So, I wanted to find a versatile leopard print piece that would give me outfit options to last me through the season. On my recent Target run with the kids I found “the one.” A $20 leopard print sweater from the A New Day line. It’s soft, lightweight and fitted. Most of the leopard print sweaters I’ve seen so far this season are oversized – another huge trend for fall. But I wanted a fitted piece that could be layered in multiple ways.

Below are the outfits I was able to create using my existing wardrobe. Because I’m currently staying home with my kids, I don’t have any office-friendly attire in my closet. Just imagine the possibilities with pencil skirts, wide leg trousers, and suede jumpers!

KEEP IT BASICImage-1(3).jpg
Sweater | Boots | Classic Denim | Black Denim

This sweater looks beautiful as is. And it’s easy enough to change up the look by alternating between classic skinny jeans for a casual look and black jeans for a night out. A simple tuck also adds a subtle change.

Velvet Tank | Denim Tank | Lace Tank – available in store at Altar’d State

While this is a fitted sweater, it’s not so tight that you can’t layer a tank top underneath. I found a few options I love. A burgundy velvet tank lends a nice pop of color and texture. A denim tank is a classic piece that works great peeking out of the bottom or tucked in for a more polished look. And a lace trimmed tunic camisole almost makes it look a different sweater all together.

PUT A VEST ON ITImage-1(2)
Black Vest (similar) | Green Vest (similar)

Fall is vest season, and this sweater is a perfect partner to any vest. A black down vest is a great choice for colder weather, and a lighter weight moto vest would be perfect for warmer temps.

ADD A LAYERImage-1(4)Image-1(5)
Cardigan | Denim Jacket | Black Jacket | Mauve Jacket

The lightweight texture of this sweater allows you to throw something comfortably over top. An oversized waffle cardigan is a perfect pair for a fun, casual look. I wasn’t sure mustard would work with leopard, but to be honest I’m obsessed! A fitted denim jacket and a black moto jacket are two classic choices that can transition easily from day to night, and something you likely already have in your closet. And don’t count out some of those less obvious color options. A mauve jacket works surprisingly well with this sweater, and gives you an outfit you’re not going to see everyone else wearing.

Since I posted this, the leopard sweater I’m wearing sold old. I’m linking three similar options below:

Which is your favorite look? How have you added leopard print to your wardrobe?



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