Capsule Wardrobe: The Closet Purge

The dreaded closet purge. For me, this is by far the hardest part of the process. I am the product of two parents with hoarder tendencies, so really, what did I expect? I’ve been slowly getting rid of stuff from my closet over the past few years, but it was a constant game of two steps forward, one step back.

I set aside two days and dedicated myself to getting the purge done. Luckily my husband agreed to deal with two days of chaos in our bedroom if the end results was less clutter (he likes to keep a neat and tidy house!). I followed the advice of follow bloggers who have been doing capsules wardrobes for years and removed every. single. item. from my closet.

Closet Purge

While it was freeing to see the back of my closet, it was equally depressing to see the sheer volume of stuff that was crammed in there.

Now What? 

Since I will be spending the next year as a stay-at-home mom, I came up with a few shortcuts that made getting started easier for me:

  • Remove work clothes. If it’s something I would wear only for work, it got set aside. I will go through these later and decide if I should hang on to them for the future, sell them or donate.
  • Pack up off-season items. I live in Ohio, and with summer coming to a close I have no need for flip flops, rompers, and shorts in my fall capsule wardrobe.
  • Pull out special event attire. I don’t have any events to attend over the next three months (showers, parties, etc.), so there’s no need for my fancy dresses and skirts to be included.

This quickly got me a few piles of clothes I could eliminate.

Closet Purge

Next I had to go through all remaining clothes and sorts into two piles: Love It and Don’t Love It. The Don’t Love It’s typically ended up there for one of the following reasons: 1) didn’t fit quite right, 2) not my style (probably got it on sale!), 3) didn’t match anything else in my closet, or 4) won’t fit into my stay-at-home mom life.

I found I had a lot of guilt with this round. A lot of the items in the Don’t Love It pile had been purchased recently, were hardly worn, and in perfect condition. It’s common to feel guilty about wasting money and resources, but it also does not help you to keep those clothes hanging in your closet when you’re never going to wear them. Instead I decided I needed to ensure these clothing items found a good homes. I’ll be sharing a future post on what you can do with your unwanted clothes, so stay tuned for that!

At the end of the two days I was left with two overflowing bins of clothes.

Closet Purge

I also have a small quantity of Love It items that I will try to work into my fall capsule wardrobe where I can.

Closet Purge

Now it’s time to shop, make some (more) tough decisions and play around with outfit combinations. Keep an eye out for a sneak peek at my outfits later in the week.



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