Cheers to a successful first week of Project 333! I enjoyed (more than I thought I would) having limited wardrobe options available. It made choosing an outfit each morning so easy, and prevented any second guessing. Since I’m still in the process of perfecting my fall capsule (this is one way I’m deviating from the true Project 333 rules; you can see my other adjustments here), I also realized a few additions I want to make to my wardrobe:

  • Basic long sleeve tee – to be worn under vests, jackets and ponchos.
  • Long sleeve denim shirt – I have a tank top version, but that won’t cut it as the weather cools off.
  • Jean jacket – my current one doesn’t have any stretch and doesn’t allow my to play with my littles ones the way I would like.
  • Pair of casual pants – something that isn’t jeans but also isn’t leggings. I would love a pair of joggers but have yet to find one that looks right on me.

Here’s a look at my Week 1 outfits:

Day 1 Outfit

I tried a new look with this sweater up by tying it up in the front. I normally where it long and loose, but love that Project 333 is forcing me to get creative with my clothes and find new ways to wear them.

Outfit of the Day
Vest | Top | Booties

I think this was my favorite outfit of the week. It was comfy, stylish and oh so practical. The vest has the roomiest pockets with zippers (crucial when you’re with two little ones all day). In this picture my pockets were holding two pouch tops, a granola bar wrapper, a sheet of stickers and a small Thomas the Train toy.


I could seriously wear my Madewell tees and jeans every. single. day. I love that these crew neck tees can be tied up in the front to make the outfit a little more interesting.


This jacket is SO comfortable, and the mauve color is a fun change from the black I typically wear. I think this little number will get a lot of wear this season.

Top | Birkenstocks

We had a few unseasonably warm days this week, so I had to dip back into my summer wardrobe for these shorts (hey, it’s not an exercise in suffering, right?). I didn’t hate it, since there are my favorite shorts ever!

Sweater | Booties

I’ve had this twist front top in my wardrobe for a while, but have never paired it up with a striped tank underneath before. I loved the new spin on an old favorite, and the fact that I didn’t have to worry when lifting up my arms!


Tank Top | Sweater | Booties

I loved the simplicity and classic nature of this outfit (it was also a favorite on Instagram!). It was a great weekend outfit that made me feel put together without feeling overdressed for a day of farmers markets and errands.

What’s your favorite capsule wardrobe outfit you’ve created to date?





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