Capsule Wardrobe: Make It Work For You


I thought by now I would have my fall capsule wardrobe complete and proudly displayed on the blog. But to be honest, I’m struggling. My life is in a period of transition and it’s making it tough for me to feel confident in my decisions.

We recently moved to a new city where the winters are colder and snowier than our home of the last 10 years. I don’t quite know how to prepare. How soon will the weather cool down? Do I have enough warm clothes? Too many transitional pieces? Will I even have a need for my beloved vests?

On top of that, I decided to take the next year off with my two little ones. After spending 10 years in the predictability of corporate america, I have no idea what my days are going to look like. I do know that I want to be comfortable, and have the ability to chase my kids around and sit on the floor to play with them. But I also want to look put together and avoid falling into the trap of wearing yoga pants and sweats every day. But what is the right mix of comfort, style and practicality?

Overall I feel underprepared and overwhelmed. So, I’m cutting myself some slack. After all, Courtney Carver says that Project 333 is not a project in suffering. So I’m creating a version that works better for me, right now. Here are a few exceptions I’m making for myself this first go around:

  • Outerwear will not be counted.
    • Since I’m new to this weather, I really need to spend the next few months figuring out what I’m in for. I don’t want to limit my comfort and warmth, and I don’t want to stress over it either.
  • Footwear will not be counted.
    • Staying home for the first time, I have no idea what kind of footwear I will use. Will I still wear my beloved booties on the regular? Or will it simply not make sense when traveling with two little ones that often want carried? I want to allow myself a little time to figure this out.
  • If an event arises that requires a dressy ensemble, I will wear one I already own.
    • I won’t be including any dresses or skirts in my capsule wardrobe because I’m not anticipating a need for them, but I want to remain flexible.
  • Vacations have their own rules 🙂
    • Vacations are all about fun, and they most often take us to places that are vastly different than where we live. And that means you may need to wear something outside your seasonal wardrobe. I’m giving myself permission to pull from outside the capsule wardrobe for a vacation and wedding we have in California this November.
  • My capsule wardrobe will include 33-ish items
    • I currently have less than 33 items in my capsule, and may very well end up with more than 33 by the end. I’m keeping it open and working towards building my perfect capsule wardrobe.

So where does leave me? I’m just going to start where I am, with the items currently in my closet. I want to see how they fit into my lifestyle and adjust from there. I will add a few items that I find I’m missing, or may others that just aren’t working for me. It will be a living capsule for the next three months, and you know what, that’s OK. At the end of the day, I’m doing it. I’m moving forward, living with less, and making this capsule wardrobe thing work for me.



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