In honor of my 33rd birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 33 things about myself that you likely do not know.

  1. I have a fraternal twin sister.
  2. My son’s first name is my maiden name.
  3. My daughter and I share a middle name.
  4. I get crazy motion sickness. Under no circumstances can I read in a car or go on a boat in choppy waters.
  5. I am a strong believer in the power of a good chiropractor. I’ve been going to ART (active release technique) practitioners for years, and don’t know where I’d be without them after having two kids.
  6. I drink kombucha tea every single day. I think it does wonders for your gut health.
  7. I’m obsessed with the show Superstore.
  8. I look forward to Christmas every year so I can binge watch Hallmark Christmas movies the whole month of December.
  9. I’m not a huge meat fan but burgers are one of my favorite meals. I’m especially fond of five guys!
  10. I met my husband in college at Ohio University, but we didn’t start dating until after college. At one point during college I actually said “he’s not my type”
  11. I prefer to binge watch TV shows over watching movies.
  12. Starting my blog was the most I have ever put myself out there and left my comfort zone.
  13. I suffer from anxiety.
  14. Filling my gas tank is one of my least favorite things to do. I run it down to empty every. single. time.
  15. I do oil swishing with coconut oil regularly to whiten my teeth naturally and keep them clean. It’s not for everyone, but I Iove it.
  16. I think meditation can do amazing things for your health and well being.
  17. I’m always freezing. Especially my hands and feet.
  18. I have to sleep with a blanket on at night, even in the summer.
  19. I like to keep the lights dimmed in my house whenever possible. My husband and I are constantly fighting over it because he like the lights all the way up.
  20. I love French fries (and ketchup). They are pretty much their own food group in my book.
  21. Wine is my drink of choice and I’ll drink pretty much any variety.
  22. I think my right side is my better side for pictures, which is obvious if you scroll through my feed!
  23. I hate to clean. My husband is definitely the neater one in our relationship.
  24. We haven’t had cable in years and really don’t miss it Hulu, Netflix and HBO.
  25. I’ve ran two half marathons, but have no intention of ever running a full marathon.
  26. My favorite color is pink, and I’m so glad mauve and blush are in style right now.
  27. I never ever drink soda. I gave it up one year for lent and never looked back.
  28. I believe all swimming pools should be bath water temperature (I hate being cold).
  29. I believe that heated steering wheels are one of the best inventions ever.
  30. I am horrible with directions. I would get lost every day without GPS.
  31. I graduated summa cum lauded from college. While it doesn’t really matter in my professional life, I’m still damn proud of it.
  32. I rarely have my nails painted. I swear my nails repel polish, so it’s just not worth it for me.
  33. I love massages and would get one every day if I could afford it.

I would love to hear what we have in common! Let me know in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “33 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. Christmas, chiropractor, and being cold!! I was formally diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease with how mad it gets! My fingers literally turn completely white and go numb if I’m too cold 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Wow we are a lot alike, even 10 years apart! I get major motion sickness, and as soon as I was big enough, started riding in the front seat on long trips so I could have cold air in my face. I also prefer to binge TV and struggle with anxiety (2 doctors and 5 years of experimenting with different meds & I’ve finally found something that somewhat works!) I also HATE pumping gas and get to zero before doing it…or have someone do it for me. I hate cleaning and my soon-to-be husband is a neat freak! I have no since of direction and often use my GPS to get around in the town I’ve lived in for the past 15 years! AND, I don’t drink soda – unsweet tea, black coffee or water only for me!

  3. I’m 33 as well… new to the blogging world which has been a great way to step out of my comfort zone and I don’t drink pop aka soda. Happy Birthday!

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